WUMC October 28, 2018 Sermon: "For All the Saints"

Did you know that all Christians are Saints-in-training?   That's the focus of Pastor Clint's October 28th sermon!  Watch now for all the details!

WUMC October 21, 2018: "More Than a Fish Story"

When the disciples went fishing with Jesus, they learned more than they had planned about their spiritual lives!   Hear all of the details  in guest pastor Rev. Dr. Gary  George's October 21st sermon.

WUMC October 14, 2018: "My Hope is Built"

In an often-challenging world, what's the best way to build a rock-solid foundation for our Christian lives?  Pastor Clint Quillen provides the details in his October 14th sermon.

WUMC October 7, 2018: "We've a Story to Tell..."

What's the most important story that Christians can share with the  world?  Find out by watching Pastor Clint Quillen's October 7th sermon.

WUMC September 30, 2018: "Everyone Connected"

In the scriptures, Jesus calls on all disciples to build Christian community!  That's the focus of Pastor Clint Quillen's September 30th sermon.

WUMC September 23, 2018: "You're Killing Me, Smalls!"

In a team, all members matter!  In Pastor Clint Quillen's September 23rd sermon, he quotes the 1993 baseball movie "The Sandlot" to teach us about Biblical teamwork!

WUMC September 16, 2018: "Take Me, Instead"

"Take Me, Instead":  three simple words that have profound implications.   In Pastor Clint Quillen's September 16th sermon, he talks about the  importance of sacrifice!

WUMC September 9, 2018: "To Infinity and Beyond"

Buzz Lightyear may be just a toy, but the popular Toy Story character  inspires us all to focus on what really matters!    Pastor Clint Quillen explains more in his September 9th sermon.

WUMC September 2, 2018: "There's No Place Like Home"

When Dorothy uttered the immortal words "There's No Place Like Home" in  the Wizard of Oz, little did anyone know she was espousing a Biblical  Truth!  Find out more in Pastor Clint's September 2nd sermon.

WUMC August 26, 2018: "You Can't Handle the Truth"

Concern about "fake news" isn't new!  In Pastor Clint's August 26th  sermon, he explains how Jesus warned us to seek the Truth above all else!

WUMC August 19, 2018: "Elementary, My Dear Watson"

"Elementary, My Dear Watson".... has often been attributed to a popular literary character.   In this August 19th sermon, Pastor Clint talks about the hidden significance of this famous quote!

WUMC August 12, 2018: "I'll Be Back"

"I'll Be Back".... probably one of most famous lines of dialogue in Hollywood movie history.   How does this popular phrase relate to humanity's future?  Find out in Pastor Clint's August 12th sermon!

WUMC August 5, 2018: "Life is Like a Box of Chocolates"

In 1995, the Hollywood movie "Forrest Gump" swept the Academy Awards with 13 nominations and 6 Oscars!  In Pastor Clint's 8-5-18 sermon, he explains how the film's classic catch-phrase actually teaches an important Biblical lesson!

WUMC July 29, 2018: "Kind ...Smart ...Important"

When was the last time you spoke encouraging words to someone in need?  Pastor Clint's 7-29-18 sermon quotes an Oscar-winning movie to find the answer!

WUMC July 22, 2018: "The Life of the Living Dead"

And you thought Hollywood zombies were the only "Living Dead!"  Guest Pastor Dr Vaughn Foster's sermon on 7-22-18 teaches us why Christians can claim that title, too!

WUMC July 15, 2018: "Jesus Down on the Farm"

What is the connection between farmers... and Jesus?  Pastor Clint's 07-15-18 sermon on Vacation Bible School Sunday plows into the subject!

WUMC July 8, 2018 : "An Apple a Day"

Quick quiz:  The saying "An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" was first recorded in which country?  Ireland, India, or Wales?  Click on Pastor Clint's 7-8-18 gospel message for the answer!

WUMC July 1, 2018: "Sacrificial Giving,Sacrificial Living"

How do sacrificial acts differ in the Old and New Testaments... and how does that relate to your life?  That's the focus of Pastor Clint's July 1st, 2018 message!

WUMC June 3, 2018: "Answering the Call"

A cell phone can be a wonderful way to receive important messages . . . but God's methods are infinitely greater!  In his 6-3-18 sermon, Pastor Clint talks about the many ways He calls you to ministry!