WUMC May 19, 2019: "It's Been Two Years Already?"

In Pastor Clint's May 19th sermon, he discusses the exciting progress on  the construction of the "Center for Hope" that is being built next to  the main sanctuary!

WUMC May 12, 2019: "Mother's Day...."

On May 12th, we celebrate Mother's Day!  In his sermon, Pastor Clint addresses the Biblical basis of this special day.

WUMC May 5, 2019: "It's All Good"

Perhaps you've heard the phrase "It's All Good"....but did you know that the book of Romans and Corinthians also say the same thing? Watch Pastor Clint's May 5th message to learn more!

WUMC April 28, 2019: "Pray and Do"


It has often been said that faith without works is dead. In his April 28th sermon, Pastor Clint zooms in on some classic Bible passages that highlight the importance of work in the life of Christians.

WUMC April 21, 2019: "Easter Message 2019: Inviting God"

In today's Easter 2019 message, Pastor Clint describes God's invitation  of eternal love and forgiveness, joined by Grant Board singing the praise song "Scars" as a special musical witness.

WUMC April 14, 2019: "Not My Will But Thine Be Done"

In this Palm Sunday sermon, Pastor Clint talks about one of the most  important prayers in all of history:  Jesus's prayer in the Garden of  Gethsemane hours before being arrested:  Not My Will, But Thine Be Done!

WUMC April 7, 2019: "Three Things We Pray"

What does a 13th century religious poem have to do with a 20th century  musical?  Find out by watching Pastor Clint's April 7th sermon!

WUMC March 31, 2019: "The Prayer of St. Francis"

Although St. Francis lived more than 800 years ago, his influence can be  seen around the world today!  In our March 31st sermon,

WUMC March 24, 2019: "Because He Lives (Amen)

The Methodist "Common Book of Prayers" contains much wisdom for our daily lives!  In his March 24th sermon, Pastor Clint examines a prayer that focuses on the Truth of Biblical scripture.

WUMC March 17, 2019: "St. Patrick's Breastplate"

It's St. Patrick's Day....March 17th!  But how much do we really know  aout Ireland's most famous saint?  Join us as Pastor Clint teaches us  how to pray one of St. Patrick's most famous prayers:  The St. Patrick  Breastplate!

WUMC March 10, 2019: "Prayer of Ignatius of Loyola"

How do we respond to God's grace?  In Pastor Clint's March 10th sermon,  he focuses on St. Ignatius of Loyola's famous prayer, written as a  response to the Lord's call to holiness.

WUMC March 3, 2019: "That They May Be One"

One major theme in the Bible is Christian Unity.  In Pastor Clint's  March 3rd sermon, he discusses how several important Biblical passages  can provide clear guidance in times of trial.

WUMC Feb 24, 2019: "The Apologist's Evening Prayer"

C. S. Lewis was one of the most important Christian writers of the 20th century!  Guest Pastor Larry Hukill's February 24th sermon explores the significance of one of Lewis's famous prayers:  The Apologist's Evening Prayer.

WUMC Feb 17, 2019: "Facing Forgiveness"

When Jesus was asked how many times a person should forgive others, His answer set the standard for all time!   Guest Speaker Rev. Rick Ireland talks about the importance of forgiveness in his February 17th sermon. 

WUMC Feb 10, 2019: "The Serenity Prayer"

For many years, Christians have recited the "Serenity Prayer."  What is this prayer, and how does it inspire us to help others?   Listen to Pastor Clint's February 10th sermon to find out!

WUMC Feb 3, 2019: "Hannah's Prayer Out of Deep Anguish"

In times of deepest despair, prayer can be a powerful tool!  In  Pastor Clint's February 3rd sermon, he discusses the importance of  prayer when we are most in need

WUMC Jan 27, 2019: "The Prayer of Jabez"

Many people don't know that the word "Jabez" means "pain."  In Pastor  Clint's January 27th sermon, he discusses the relevance of the famous  "Prayer of Jabez" for our lives today!

Jan 20th Sermon Canceled due to Weather

Our January 20th service was canceled due to weather (snow and ice).  Please join us again next Sunday!

WUMC Jan 13, 2019: "Do It Anyway"

We have to stay faithful to God even when we face uncertainty or  ridicule!  That's the message of Pastor Clint's January 13th sermon for  the new year.

WUMC Jan 6, 2019: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"

Our busy lives are full of decisions.  In his January 6, 2019 sermon, Pastor Clint asks us to consider the most important decision we can ever make:  Giving our lives to Jesus!