7/28/19 Sermon: "So That...Now What?  You can be Saved!"

Sometimes we are shy about asking questions.  But in Pastor Clint's July 28th sermon he addresses the most important question ever asked to Jesus:  "What must I do to be saved?"

7/14/19 Sermon: "God's Big Game Plan"

As the Wintersville United Methodist Church wraps up an exciting week of  Vacation Bible School, Pastor Clint focuses on the event's big  question:  What is God's Game Plan?  Watch our July 14th sermon to find out!  You might even see him juggle!

7/7/19 Sermon: "Bringing Children to Jesus through VBS"

Wintersville United Methodist Church is hosting a sports-themed Vacation  Bible School for children this week!  In Pastor Clint's July 7th sermon  he talks 

about the importance of reaching children with the message of  Christ.

6/30/19: "Connected in Christ"

What does it mean to be "connected in Christ?"  In Pastor Clint's June 30th sermon he reflects upon this important Biblical principle!

6/16/19 Sermon: Modeling Mutual Respect-Influence

Father's Day can mean different things to different people.  In Pastor Clint's June 16th sermon he reflects upon the Biblical foundation of  Father's Day as we celebrate this special day.

6/9/19: "The Same power is in us!"

It's Pentecost Sunday!  Pastor Clint's June 9th sermon details the  origins of this important event..... and 

what it means for our lives!

6/2/19: "Blessed are the overcomers"

During this graduation season, Pastor Clint's June 2nd sermon has a special focus on overcoming challenges in our daily lives!