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Our Mission: Serve In Love
What does a car have to do with our Faith? As our Church prepares to launch the new Center for Hope, Pastor Clint explains how our Church is very much…
Our Mission: Connect With God, Grow in Faith
How do we connect with others to share our Faith? In today's message, Pastor Clint tells the story of how beloved WUMC church member Coach Bob became a member after…
Soldiers of Christ Arise
It's "Veterans Sunday," a time to honor those who have served our great nation in the protection of Freedom! For the occasion, Pastor Clint discusses the importance of shining forth…
The Sound of the Saints
November 3rd is "All Saints Sunday!" On this special day, Pastor Clint describes the "sounds" that Saints make as they witness for the power of Christ in our world!
Connect With God
What's your mission in life? In today's sermon, Pastor Clint focuses on how Christians can reconnect their faith with their mission!
We Can Know Him Better
Our society puts a premium on knowledge. But what knowledge is most important? In today's sermon, Pastor Clint focuses on why we should seek to know more about Jesus above…

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