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Building on a Firm Foundation: Jesus Is Lord!
As Christians, how do we build upon the most solid foundation for our faith? In today's sermon, Pastor Clint talks about the importance of acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ…
Our Mission: Connect With God, Grow in Faith
How do we connect with others to share our Faith? In today's message, Pastor Clint tells the story of how beloved WUMC church member Coach Bob became a member after…
Gifts Fit For A King
What would you give The King? In the first sermon of the new year, Pastor Clint tells the story of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus more than 2000 years ago.... and what they did when they met The Lord!
Victory in Jesus
The Scripture says "Run so as to win!" In Pastor Clint's September 8th service, he focuses on how the Bible offers support for all Christians as they engage in the…

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