Frequently Asked Questions

Why Now?

At this time in the history of our church, we believe God is calling  us to take a major step forward in ministry and outreach.  In the spring  of 2015, property adjacent (728 Main St.) to our church was anonymously  purchased and donated to WUMC.  This very generous donation of property  served as the impetus for our congregation to undertake a Strategic  Planning and Visioning process, which, over the past 2 years, has  resulted in plans for a more effective ministry space in the form of a  new community outreach center in the Wintersville community. 

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of the project is approximately $3.6 million, of which  $400,000 in land acquisition has already been spent. The timetable for  construction consists of demolition of structures on the existing  properties to the west and southwest of the current church building by  October 21st. Construction should start in the fall of 2018, with  construction to take approximately 10 months.  We expect to see  completion of The Center for Hope by late September to early October of  2019. Financing for the project began with approximately $1.5 million in  pledges from church members after a capital campaign in the spring of  2017, with approximately $850,000 of the pledged amount already  received.  The remaining funds will come from supporters from the  community, grants, and generous and sacrificial giving from church  members. 

Who are the Committee Members Behind the Project?

Chairpersons include Dr. Jim and Loretta Cottrell, Bob and Shirley  Gribben, and Russ Grimm.  The committee also included at least 30 other  active members of the Wintersville United Methodist Church.