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Resurrection Living Like Thomas
The apostle Thomas may be remembered throughout history as a doubter. But as Pastor Clint clarifies in his April 26th sermon, Thomas really ought to be remembered as a steadfast…
Going Not Knowing
Sometimes we're not sure how to move forward in a particular situation. In today's sermon, Pastor Clint explains how the Lord provides important direction in all circumstances!
Responding to Reporting
Acting on faith is the hallmark of Christians everywhere! In today's sermon, Pastor Clint talks about the importance of paying attention to the culture and responding in a faith-filled manner.…
Serving in Love
What are some of the main ways Christians can use their faith to help others? To find out, watch Guest Pastor Rick Ireland's October 27th sermon to learn about all…
Grow in Faith
Faith is the foundation of our belief. In his October 20th sermon, Pastor Clint talks about how we can strengthen our faith life as we walk with God.  
Examine Yourselves…
We all face important tests in life. As part of his "So that.... now what?" sermon series, Pastor Clint addresses how all Christians should examine their faith throughout their lives!

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